Can Dogs Eat People Food?

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Can Dogs Eat People Food?

Is there some evolutionary reason pets eat out of a bag?

Can we simply feed the dang pet dog our leftovers ?! Let’s SCIENCE THIS THING! Hey pet people!

This is DNews, I’m Trace. Dogs are probably the earliest domesticated animal, with mitochondrial DNA evidence recommending they split from wolves 100,000 years ago !

At the time, human beings didn’t have extra food laying around, and would generally eliminate competing carnivores like wolves.

Smaller, less-aggressive wolves would likely scavenge near human encampments, eating from garbage piles and nabbing leftovers.

Over generations, humans actively fed the cuter, friendlier wolves, and we set ourselves on a path of domestication to produce the DOG.

However, if dogs progressed alongside people, as evidence suggests, then they were consuming the exact same things we were consuming!

However today, Americans typically prevent providing doggies, “Individuals Food,”… So exactly what changed? Simply put, absolutely nothing.

As dogs and human beings grew together, we shared food. But, as human society advanced and pet ownership grew, we could not simply feed them table scraps in our cavern.

In 116 BCE, Marcus Terentius Varro wrote a farming manual which included recommendations for feeding working farm pet dogs– barley bread taken in milk, and bones from dead sheep.


Throughout the middle ages, common families who required work canines, fed them whatever was leftover– so we’re still following that ancient system– but by the 19th century, Empress Tzu Hsi of China fed her dogs shark fins, quail breasts and antelope milk, and the royalty of Europe fed their pups roast duck, cakes and candies.

The rich got kinda cray with their pup chow. Throughout the Industrial Age, pet food began to appear in the West as the middle class succeeded.

As they cost both cash and time, pets were considered a high-end item, and individuals wished to show off their climbing of the socioeconomic ladder by acquiring a prime pooch.

Business owners found out these nouveau dog lovers needed aid to feed their brand-new good friends– and in the 1850s James Sprat of Cincinnati developed dog biscuits from wheat, beet root and veggies, bound with beef blood.

The dry food was a hit, and by the 1920s canned wet food was also in production– it was generally horse meat, and by 1941 canned food was 90% of the marketplace.

Then due to allocating during The second world war, dry food ended up being extremely popular again. At the same time, people worldwide still fed their pets exactly what they developed to eat, table scraps and leftover individuals food.

In the 1960s, to secure and grow their giant market, the Pet Food Institute, a lobbying group for family pet food– campaigned the American individuals by moneying “scientific research studies” and running radio and TV ads promoting the “risks of table scraps.

” Hence, we began to shy away from feeding pet dogs the very same things we were consuming. Nevertheless, canines CAN EAT people food if it’s healthy.

They most likely should not consume junk food, or a mass of cheese (a little is okay), or candy … However on the other hand, if you’re consuming roasted chicken, green beans and potatoes …

Table scraps may not be so bad. Pets can securely eat flax, green beans, eggs, pumpkins, peanut butter, carrots, apple slices, and sweet potatoes … But they CAN’T eat chocolate, coffee, yeast, alcohol.

They can however consume grains, but they’re better off with meats. And that’s not completely off from where the pet food market is going.

Nowadays, you can buy luxury pet food comparable to those Victorian princes and empresses– duck, squash, salmon, turkey and berries.

It’s actually simply PEOPLE food in canine packaging. Or if you ‘d rather save some coin, you CAN stay with the bagged dry food. A professor of veterinary nutrition at Ohio State University states, his students have studied the diet plan history of thousands of animals and haven’t found any proof that a person pet food is much better than any other.

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Can Dogs Eat People Food?

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