Canine flu outbreak: How to keep my dog safe?

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(CNN)As new cases of canine influenza spread across several states, vets are urging caution after numerous pets contracted the infection. Here’s what you have to learn about the infection:

Canine flu outbreak: How to keep my dog safe?

Exactly what causes it?

Canine influenza is brought on by 2 viruses– A H3N8 and A H3N2— which only affect animals, inning accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance.

Can humans get it?

No evidence has been found of transmission from pet dogs to people, experts say.

Is it safe to take my pet dog to the park?

Depends on where you live.

As a precaution, dog owners in states impacted by the virus needs to prevent pet parks, grooming spots and other locations where family pets gather. The virus can particularly spread among canines remaining in kennels and shelters.

What stress is triggering the U.S. outbreak?

The U.S. break out is as a result of an infection closely related to the H3N2 pressure, inning accordance with Cornell University. The revelation spurred concerns because the strain, which is mostly found in Asia, had actually not been spotted in North America up until last month.

How did the virus begin?

The most recent one afflicting the United States, the H3N2 strain, is an avian flu virus that’s different from its human counterpart. In addition to pet dogs, it affects cats, and was first reported in the United States last month. Before then, it was primarily restricted to countries such as China and Thailand.

The 2nd one, the H3N8 pressure, come from horses prior to it crossed over to pets, and the first U.S. case of the infection in pups was reported in 2004. ” Scientists think this infection leapt species (from horses to pets) and has adapted to trigger illness in pet dogs and spread among canines, particularly those housed in kennels and shelters,” the CDC states.

Is canine influenza fatal?

Yes and no.

While a little percentage of pets pass away, others can get severely sick when pneumonia sets in. Some pet dogs reveal no symptoms at all, the CDC says. In the latter cases, a vet can conduct a test to detect the virus in pet dogs.

Exactly what are the signs?

Signs of pet influenza are similar to people’ influenza. The animals cough, get a runny nose, are sluggish, lose appetite and have a fever. But some dogs do not show any signs.

How is canine flu dealt with?

There’s no specific treatment because it’s a viral illness, but pet dogs can get encouraging care to improve resistance. If a secondary bacterial infection is detected, antibiotics can be prescribed.

A vaccine is likewise readily available in the United States,

however only for H3N8, the CDC says. It’s unknown whether it can help prevent the newest pressure– H3N2— which is causing the latest break out.

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Canine flu outbreak: How to keep my dog safe?

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