Great For The Family : The Bearded Collie

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Great For The Family: The Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is a medium sized dog that weighs in between 40-58 pounds. They are 20″ to 22″ in height.

Their plentiful hair provides the impression that they are larger than they really are.

They have a happy, friendly nature and are not enjoy dogs in any way as they get along with all that they satisfy.

Acknowledged by the AKC, the appropriate coat colors for the Bearded Collie are black, grey, tan, brown or fawn with some white markings.

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Recognized by the AKC, the appropriate coat colors for the Bearded Collie are black, grey, tan, brown or fawn with some white markings.

When they are puppies, they may or might not have white markings. As they develop, their coat color either fades or changes.

The most common colors are black with white or gray with white.

Their long, harsh, straight and shaggy outer coat and brief, soft, thick undercoat requires a daily brushing to prevent tangles.

Their nickname is “beardie” because of the long, shaggy hair under their chin.

This energetic, caring, happy-go-lucky breed makes an excellent household animal.

They are people dogs and enjoy to be with their family.

They are terrific for homes with children and other dogs and can do well with other non-canine pets offered they have early socializing.

They are enthusiastic, outgoing, and vibrant and require lots of exercise and play time.

They require a lawn to run and stroll. Having toys on hand is a good idea if you are going to be chosen an extended time period.

Early training is recommended due to the fact that they have a persistent propensity at times. They are simple to train.

Going back over 500 years, the Bearded Collie originated in Scotland. They are considered to be descendents of the Polish sheepdog.

They were reproduced to heard sheep and cattle, thus describing their collie name which means rounding up dog in Scotland.

They have actually likewise been used for tracking. They are still utilized as sheep rounding up dogs in some locations.

Friendly to family and strangers alike, the Bearded Collie will welcome all he meets interest.

Since they need routine outside exercise and play, they are best with active households who will give them the activity that they need.

Houses with other dogs and kids can feel great in adding a Bearded Collie to their household.


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Great For The Family : The Bearded Collie

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