Would You Make Your Dog Wear a Batman Costume ?

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Would You Make Your Dog Wear a Batman Costume ?

Hereto the Batman Dog Outfit


The Caped Crusader trips again in order to assist keep Gotham City safe from those who plan to cause mischief.

Possibly your precious family pet won’t exactly battle criminal activity while using the lovable Batman dog costume, but he’ll certainly appear like he’s prepared to!

There are various options you can choose for superhero outfits, but the Dark Knight stands apart as one of the memorable – as well as one of the top rated ones.

DC Comics Batman Dog Costume with Black and Gold Foil Cape, Small
The sizing offered for this costume is for small, medium or big dogs.

Make certain you still determine your dog to see which size you ought to purchase so that it will fit conveniently around your dog.

It should be between 14 and 18 inches so you’ll be able to tell if it will fit your dog given that a pet’s weight and height can vary so much in each category.

The product of the costume is made from 100% polyester – and except for the breastplate and belt, it’s made with dark colors – so it’ll hold up well throughout the Halloween festivities.

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If you need to clean it, you’ll need to hand wash, considering that it’s not appropriate for the washing.

This costume illustrating the brave hero, Batman, is a four piece costume. When you buy this for your pet, you’ll get the primary jumpsuit piece.

This part of the costume is black and includes the large yellow gold utility belt like Batman wears on his outfit.

After the one-piece suit and the belt, you also have the cape. The cape that goes along with this outfit flows pretty well around the dog even if it’s a large dog.

To keep the cape on the dog, it includes narrow string ties that connect around the dog’s chest, however avoid of his reach so he can’t chew on them.

To finish off this Batman dog costume, there are the famous pointed ears. The headpiece that holds the ears is adjustable, so it can easily fit the head of little to large dogs.

You can tighten the headpiece utilizing the ties that are attached at the bottom of this piece of the costume.

On the front of the one-piece suit is the well-known Batman logo, which will fit your dog throughout the chest location.

This outfit slips on quickly and isn’t restrictive, which will permit your dog to tackle his service as usual.

Another good thing about this outfit is that it leaves the dog’s feet without any material, so when you have to stroll the dog, that won’t be an issue for him.
DC Comics Batman Big Dog Boutique, XX-Large

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Would You Make Your Dog Wear a Batman Costume ?

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