Chocolate poisoning threat to dogs

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Chocolate poisoning threat to dogs 🍫

Chocolate poisoning is a risk to the household dog at Christmas, say veterinarians.

They caution that dogs are 4 times more likely to fall ill from eating it at this time of year.

A study found numerous cases of dogs requiring veterinary treatment after stealing chocolate Santa’s, selection boxes, chocolate oranges as well as a mug of hot chocolate.

Vets are trying to get the message across that it ought to be stayed out of reach from the family animal.

While dogs like the taste of chocolate, it can make them ill, even in small quantities.


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” The take home message is first of all to make sure that individuals recognise that chocolate is a potential problem and to be alert with their chocolate gifts over the holiday period,” said Dr Philip Jones, speaker in veterinary public health and public health at the University of Liverpool.

” If their dog does get access … to make sure that they contact their veterinary surgeon.

You can read the Basics Health Knowledge for your Dog here.

” And also prior to they call their veterinary cosmetic surgeon to have an estimate of just how much chocolate and what kind of chocolate the dog has eaten.”.


The chemical theobromine, discovered in cocoa beans, is broken down more gradually in dogs. This can result in illness, increased heart rate, agitation, seizure, and, periodically, death.

Skitterphoto / Pixabay

Electronic health records from 200 veterinary practices – about 10% of the total number in the UK – were evaluated for the research study, in between 2012 and 2017.

The research discovered chocolate intoxication was four times more likely at Christmas than on a normal day.

The danger was half that at Easter, however there was no distinction on Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

Vomiting was the most typical symptom of chocolate poisoning, followed by agitation and increased heart unusual.

Younger dogs were more likely to snaffle chocolate and fall ill. In most cases, just percentages were consumed.

However, there were exceptions, such as when a dog consumed a great deal of Easter eggs concealed in a garden for a children’s celebration.

Treatment for poisoning depends upon the quantity of time that has passed because the dog ate.

The dog may be given medication to induce vomiting and triggered charcoal to stop additional absorption of the harmful substance.

The dog might then need fluid therapy and additional medication to fight poisonous results on the heart.

The research study is released in the journal, Veterinary Record.

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Chocolate poisoning threat to dogs

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